Get our Pro plan, not for $497 a month!

Not for $4970 a year!

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Just $1,000 a year! Every year!

Saving $4000 a year!

Why work with Us?

We are veterans too! 75% of us are veterans and 50% are service-disabled veterans. We live from Florida to North Carolina and were looking for a way we could help other veterans get a head start. Marketing is one of the hardest nuts to crack in starting a business and we've been there! When we began marketing for our computer business, Syllogistic Group, most of the corporations we worked with were hard sells.

In 2023, we've worked with Moody's, American Express, Quest Software, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Taylor Fresh Foods, and Flight Safety International! Marketing pays off!

What is it?

This is the best CRM and automation software on the market today! Our top plan allows you to easily tackle all the issues you have with communicating with customers. You can automate many of the critical things your business needs:

  • Reputation

    • Reviews - Send them a review request with ease

  • Reach

    • Social media posting

      • Automatic replies!

    • Schedule postings in advance

  • Resell

    • Do you want fries with that order?

    • Send new offers to existing customers!

  • Referral

    • Automate asking customers if they know someone who can use your services!

Who is eligible?

Veterans of any military service. We are working on access to APIs to handle this automatically. Just send us a copy of your veteran organization ID or a DD214 with your SSN and other personal information redacted.

Pro plan features

You're in Good Company

Our team has been in the trenches in Just Cause, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Joint Forge, Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, and more.